6 Days: Ubwe Route

This route is not a technical route, but is very direct, very steep and very tough. Ubwe route joins Machame route near the Barranco Camp on the second night. This is the most difficult and demanding of all the Kilimanjaro climb routes. Here is a sample of itinerary.

DAY 1;  Ubwe Gate – Ubwe Camp [9514 ft]

The day begins with a one hour drive to Machame gate where registration is carried out. Then transfer through villages and coffee and banana plantations to Ubwe gate. From here, the trail ascends sharply on a foresty trail to Ubwe Camp.
Distance ; 11 kms \5-7 hrs

DAY 2;  Ubwe Camp – Barranco Camp [ 13044 ft]

This second day trek follows rockierterrain with sparse undergrowth and moss covered trees. As we gain elevation, glimpses of Kilimanjaro can be seen. The trail then descends to Barranco Camp.
Distance; 6kms \4- 5hrs

DAY 3; Barranco Camp – Karanga Camp [13106ft]

Begin the day by descending into a valley to the base of the Great Barranco wall. We climb this non – technical but steep nearly 900 ft cliff. From the top then we continue in a series of hills reaching Karanga Camp.
Distance; 5kms\ 4-5hrs

DAY 4; Karanga Camp – Barafu Camp [15331ft]

Leave the camp up to the rocky section to Barafu camp. Here we make camp, rest and enjoy an early dinner to prepare ahead of the summit. Mawenzi and Kibo peaks are visible from this camp.
Distance; 4kms\ 4-5 hrs

DAY 5; Barafu Camp – Uhuru peak { 19341ft} – Mweka Camp [10065ft]

At around midnight, we begin our push to the summit for a distance of 5 km [7-8 hrs].This is the most mentally and physical challenging of the trek. Near Stella point {18900ft} the sun rises giving you spectacular views.

Finally we arrive at the Summit, Uhuru peak- the highest point in the continent of Africa. After taking some photos, start descending down to Mweka camp stopping at Barafu for lunch.
Distance from Summit – Mweka camp 12 km in 4- 6 hrs.

DAY 6 ; Mweka Camp – Mweka Gate [5380ft]

On this last day ,we continue trekking down to Mweka gate and collect our certificates of achievement. Then we board a vehicle taking us back to hotel in Moshi.
Distance; 10km \ 3-4 hrs.

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